Message from SIAE President

Dear Members, Fellow Aviation Professionals and Friends

SIAE celebrates 40th Anniversary – 1975 to 2015

On 15 May 2015, we celebrated 40 years of active contributions to Aviation in Singapore with a Gala Dinner at the Mandarin Hotel (Orchard).

We are most grateful to Mrs Josephine Teo, Senior Minister of State for Transport and Finance for being with us as Guest-of-Honour. In the spirit of SG50, we took the opportunity to honour twelve aviation pioneers.

In 40 years, aviation has gone through several revolutions in the science and art of flying people around the globe. In the same 40 years, SIAE has accomplished much of its role in training and development of aircraft engineers and technicians. Many institutes of higher learning now have courses in aircraft maintenance and engineering and our members are teaching or sitting on advisory boards in these institutions – doing our part for the future generation.

Our priority now will be on membership and succession planning to be ready for our new mission to build a strong aviation culture. In our coming 40th AGM, we will be asking members to support some important changes to our constitution and to elect a new Executive Committee. We will also report on the status of the mandate we got from the last AGM to divest 30% of ATTC equity.

Honouring our Aviation Pioneers

While we celebrate our achievements and look into the future, let’s not forget our aviation pioneers. History and culture contributed much to our actions, especially in time of crisis. Astronomers looked into the past through their telescopes to allow cosmologists to build models to understand our universe. Our pioneers have much to contribute to our models of the future.

In our 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner we presented 12 Aviation Pioneers Awards, in recognition of their contributions to Singapore’s aviation industry and support for SIAE’s mission to promote aviation safety and aerospace technology.

They include former senior management of Singapore Airlines which spawn the aerospace industry and people involved in the early development of Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. Two past presidents of SIAE and the person who registered ASLAE with the ROS were also honoured. The former Chief Defence Scientist who was responsible for the modernization of our RSAF and actively promoted integration of activities among engineers in civil aviation and RSAF was another recipient. Finally, a “teacher” who taught all of us with commitment and passion and had contributed much to the restoration of the Airspeed Consul was also honoured.

On behalf of the ExCo, I thank you all for your support during our term of office. Please come to our 40th AGM tentatively scheduled in August 2015.

Lim Yeow Khee PBM
Hon F.SIAE, FRAeS, A/P (Adj) NTU
President, SIAE