Be part of the Aviation Professional Community in Singapore



  • Entrance fees of S$30 shall be chargeable for new signup.  This shall be invoiced separately once we receive your application.
  • Please send supporting documents including education certificate copies and (1) passport after we received your application, in order to complete application.
  • Your payment will be fully refunded if your application is unsuccessful.
  • Membership period shall be from 1 Apr to 31 Mar of subsequent year and there shall be no pro-rating of membership.  Any signup or payment from 1 Jan to 1 Apr shall be recognized and granted provisional membership until subscription officially commences on 1 Apr.

Ordinary Member

  • practising engineer holding AME license issued by CAAS or equivalent
  • holding engineering/science degree and employed in aerospace sector
  • degree holder with at least one year experience in airworthiness certification
  • served in aerospace company at management level for at least 2 years

Annual Subscription: S$60


  • Ordinary members with at least 10 years continuous membership in the institute (or its predessor membership)
  • attained the age of 35 years old
  • contributed significantly towards the objectives of the institute
  • Maybe upgraded to Honorary Fellow on recommendation of Exco and voted by majority at AGM.  Subscription will be waived for life. 

Annual Subscription: S$100

Associate Member

  • posessess tertiary degree and employed in the aerospace sector
  • anyone holding AME licence but does not practice in capacity of engineer
  • anyone holding recognized diploma (or equivalent) and employed for at least 5 years in aerospace industry
  • anyone holding a responsible position in an aerospace company and supports objectives of the institute

Annual Subscription: S$60

Associate Fellow

  • Teaching professionals or established researcher/academicians from institutions and organizations
  • senior management staff from aerospace companies who have made substantial contributions to aerospace industry

Annual Subscription: S$75

Technician Member

  • possesses a Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or equivalent


Annual Subscription: S$60

Student Member

  • any person undergoing an approved academic course or training scheme that leads to eventual qualification of Ordinary or Technician membership
  • entrace fee for Student Membership is waived for now – $30 savings 

Annual Subscription: S$24