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Vol 8   JAN-MAR 2021

Cover Story: The Beginning of eVTOL Aircraft & Urban Air Mobility

  • SIAE 45th Annual General Meeting
  • Undercarriage Design
  • Aviation Safety Competition 2019/2020
  • Impact of Brexit on Aviation Regulations
  • Difference between an UA Pilot and Pilot
  • Preparing Aerospace Engineers for a Digital Age (Beyond COVID-19)

Vol 7   OCT-DEC 2020 

Cover Story: COVID-19 on Aviation

  • Aircraft Storage 
  • Review of Microsoft Flight Sim 2020
  • SIAE Online Masterclass 
  • Keeping Cabin Air Virus Free
  • Pilot License for Drone
  • Space Race to Mars

Vol 6   Jan-Mar 2020 

Special Singapore Airshow 2020 edition
  • Highlight on Singapore Airshow 2020

  • Management of Aircraft Scheduled
    Maintenance Requirements

  • 44th SIAE AGM

  • Air Cabin Design Process
  • Why Safety deserves a Capital S
  • Helicopter Landing Gears

Vol 5   OCT-DEC 2019 

Cover Story: Ultra Long Range Aircraft

  • Aviation Safety Competition 
  • Innovvation in Aerospace
  • Innovations in Russian helicopters
  • Air Cabin Design Process
  • Why Safety deserves a Capital S
  • Helicopter Landing Gears

Vol 4   JUL-SEP 2019 

Cover Story: Automated Landing

  • Interview with CAAS DG
  • Cabin Fireworthiness
  • SIAE History
  • Engineer Pilot
  • Drone Racing
  • Building Aviation Culture

Vol 3   APR-JUN 2019

Cover Story: Commercial Space Gets a Booster

  • Aviation Safety Competition
  • Airline Safety Rating
  • UAV
  • University Industry Collaboration
  • SIAE Constitution Review
  • Farnborough Airshow 2018

Vol 2   JAN-MAR 2019

Cover Story: Seeding Aviation Culture

  • Future of Commercial Air Travel
  • Bombardier Singapore Service Center
  • Motortok-Future of pushback tugs
  • German Aerospace Education
  • A Glance into Airbus
  • Budding with Rolls Royce

Vol 1   JAN-MAR 2018

Cover Story: SATEC 2018 Shaping Aviation Through Innovation

  • Grooming Aviation Professionals
  • Evolution of satellite industry
  • Can Mobile Tech uplift MRO industry
  • Dialogue with a passionate engineer
  • ATTC Courses

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