The Air Transport Training College (ATTC) Dronevolution is a three-part competition initiated by Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers (SIAE) to debut in 2017. The aim is to create awareness of drone technology among youths by reaching out to schools, polytechnics, colleges and university students. Our mission is to establish an aviation stronghold amongst our next generation of professionals.

Dronevolution is part of a long-term initiative to launch ATTC as a drone hub. Situated in our very own hangar, budding drone enthusiasts can utilise this platform to meet and collaborate with like-minded individuals as well as cultivate their interest without the constraint of space. The three-part competition concept promotes continuity and comprehensiveness of ideas.

• Introduce drone technology to the new generation
• Interaction opportunity for drone enthusiasts

The first of its series, Dronevolution: Safe Haven will focus primarily on drone hub layout. The challenge is for participants to engineer a Drone Park, complete with obstacle courses and features entirely up to their imagination. Attractive prizes aside, participants stand a chance to witness the actualisation of their dream drone hub, setting the stage for future drone events. Ultimately, the intention is to build a drone hub for drone lovers, by drone lovers.

Participants start off with given hangar dimensions and a budget. Following a tour and workshop conducted by a team of professionals organised by ATTC, each team is to design a drone park, supplemented with a business and construction plan.

Competition timeline
• Registration (31 Oct – 31 Dec 2017)
• Tour and workshop* (Scheduled in Jan 2018)
• Design period
• Entries submission (Ends 1 Mar 2018)
• Presentation (May 2018)
*All participants are eligible to attend the tour and workshop at the hangar of ATTC free of charge. Interested members of the public are welcomed to attend with a small fee of S$15 per person.

All teams must be registered with SIAE before 31/12/17.
• Each team has to submit one registration form.
• The registration fee amounts to S$15 per participant.
• All registered teams will be published on SIAE marketing materials.
• All registered teams will stand a chance to win the lucky draw prize.
• By submitting your registration, you have agreed to allow SIAE the rights to use all project materials, videos, mock-ups, photographs association with your participation in the ATTC Drone Competition.
• Register at:

More details, refer to Guidebook_SIAE ATTC DROVELUTION 2017