SIAE is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting Aviation Safety and Aerospace Technology. SIAE’s continuing education programmes have helped to maintain a pool of qualified professionals to support Singapore’s drive to be the aviation hub of choice. In recent years, SIAE has embarked on the mission to build a strong aviation culture for the Next Generation Aviation Professionals (NGAP) to ensure future safe air transport.

Current activities include the annual Aviation Safety Competition for students, publication of our quarterly newsletter, VortexCafé Aeronautique for informal gathering of aviation professionals and technical seminars in partnership with RAeS. SIAE also organises the biennial SATEC (Singapore Aerospace Technology & Engineering Conference) event in partnership with the Republic of Singapore Air Force and held in conjunction with Singapore Airshow.

Aviation Safety Competition 2021 – Final Results

The Aviation Safety Competition (ASC) was recently concluded on 30th January 2021. ASC is a competition aimed at generating interest in aviation and reaching out to students from schools, polytechnics, colleges and universities to build a strong aviation culture for...


Aviation Safety Competition 2021 – Finalists

Finalists The 5 teams proceeding to the finals of the Aviation Safety Competition 2021 have been selected and they are, in no particular order: NTU AEROSOC - Nanyang Technological University Reine Soo Jie Yi Coral Lim Chu Yu Mohammed Adnan Azam NTU AEROSOC provided a different perspective on aviation safety, focusing on fatigue of both the pilot...

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Aviation Safety Competition 2021 – Flying with Computers

  This year's ASC, "Flying with Computers" is the fifth in the series, with the competition first launching in 2015. It was first established to reach out to students from schools, polytechnics, colleges and universities to generate interest in the aviation sector, to build a strong aviation culture for our Next Generation of Aviation...

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Sriwijaya Air Crash: Interview with Michael Daniel, SIAE Vice President

Our Vice President, Mr Michael Daniel, spoke to CNA regarding the recent crash of a Sriwijaya Air B737-500. Do check out the clip below or use the following link for the interview recorded 12 January 2021: the clip, Mr Daniel shares that the rapid descent of the aircraft is a good indicator of Loss of Control...

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