May 2020

President’s Message

Dear members and fellow aviation professionals

C-19 Circuit Breaker sounds like a little button in the cockpit. But this button has already caused suffering to billions of people around the world. We must pull this Circuit Breaker, together.

Covid-19 has disrupted our operation with the cancellation of SATEC in Feb 2020 and hampered our attempts to divest ATTC. With the income losses, the ExCo have been working very hard to keep our admin going without a full-time staff. Our priority is to connect with our members. Our membership system has suffered serious damage as a result of frequent changes of staff over the last 6 years. Please bear with us and respond to our call to update your contact.

We are in a World War with no winners. This is a war for the scientists. There is no cure nor vaccine within reasonable time. But the fight has shifted to the economic and political arena. How many deaths is politically acceptable? How long can our economic system withstand lockdowns? How did we end up in this situation?

As professionals, public safety must be paramount. Aviation, understandably, is the hardest hit and the future of our industry will depend on how the world handle Covid-19. We must stay focused to understand the issues and act as a global citizen to contain the damage.

Pandemic is a natural cyclic event. It will come again. The Black Death destroyed the feudal production system. Scholars turned their attention away from the heavens to humanity and we have renaissance followed by the scientific revolution. We can only evolve stronger if we can keep our infrastructure and our spirit up.

One thing is clear, the norm will not be normal again. Make use of the time at hand to reflect on our lives to create a better post-Covid-19 world.

Stay Home, Keep Healthy and Save lives!

If you are a member and felt that you have been disconnected from us or wish to renew membership, please drop us a message on the Contact Form to give us your updated email address. Help us to get connected with you again. Thank You.


Lim Yeow Khee
Hon F.SIAE, FRAeS, A/Prof (Adj) NTU, Adult Education Fellow IAL
President, SIAE
70 Seletar Aerospace View
Singapore 797564